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“[WEIBO] 200321 SINOSTAGE舞邦 Behind the scenes pictures of #100WAYS MV filming! #JacksonWang #王嘉尔 #잭슨 #TEAMWANG #GOT7 @JacksonWang852 @GOT7Official”
“[WEIBO] 200321 SINOSTAGE舞邦 Behind the scenes pictures of #100WAYS MV filming! #JacksonWang #王嘉尔 #잭슨 #TEAMWANG #GOT7 @JacksonWang852 @GOT7Official”

On Jackson Wang:

Jackson Wang is a rapper, singer, and dancer who hails from Hong Kong and currently based in South Korea. He first rose to fame after becoming a part of the South Korean boy group Got7 managed by JYP Entertainment. Jackson Wang also had frequent appearances in Korean reality television Roommate, and active in China as a solo artist and TV host.

Jackson Wang released his debut solo album, Mirrors, but Jackson Wang and it was met with positive reviews. His song 100 Ways was already viewed by 25, 255, 852 on YouTube after it was uploaded last March 19, 2020. A quite impressive opening for a male solo act.

The success of the released songs signifies that Jackson Wang is ready to take on the role of a certified solo artist. During an interview he candidly explained that the new music he has been releasing, is his way of finding his own self.

“[WEIBO] 200321 SINOSTAGE舞邦 Behind the scenes pictures of #100WAYS MV filming! #JacksonWang #王嘉尔 #잭슨 #TEAMWANG #GOT7 @JacksonWang852 @GOT7Official”

Jackson Wang wanted to express who he is to the world, to understand and get to know what he can do, and how he should see himself in the world as a symbol. Over the years, he has already done a lot of rap and R&B, but now he wants to be somewhere in the middle and release something truly creative.

Jackson Wang’s immense creativity and pursuit of perfection is strong. His new single “100 Ways” is already being recognized on a global scale and making waves in many countries including the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, and is well-loved by music lovers who love upbeat and electronic earworm types of music. The music video is also receiving positive and rave reviews for its refreshing tone and concept. Wang portrayed himself as a Chinese warrior who travels through time so he can reunite with this true love.

In an interview with StyleCaster about the inspiration behind “100 Ways”, Jackson Wang explained that he almost became an Olympic fencer, he also explained how he wants for fans to see the different music he can create.

I love sharing my own culture. That’s why I chose this Chinese love story theme to express the song,” says Wang, who was born in Hong Kong. “This character had love but wasn’t able to be with the lover in his first life, so he overcomes time to come back to find her to tell her, ‘I’m the only one that you need.’” 

Jackson Wang ( StyleCaster)

Originally, Jackson Wang’s parents didn’t want him to go to South Korea, because he already had a scholarship, but then the opportunity came to be a singer, and he didn’t hesitate to follow his dream. While a lot of people are dreaming to get an athlete’s scholarship at Stanford University, his love for music and the arts came first. His parents were like, ‘You’re in a good position. A lot of people would dream to have an athlete’s scholarship to Stanford and go to the Olympic games. Why would you want to give it up?’ But I thought, ‘Why not? I just want to do whatever I love in life. We only live once.’ It’s so corny to say that, but it’s a fact. 

The Inspiration behind ” 100 Ways” by Jackson Wang

What I’m trying to express in “100 Ways” is there are a lot of elements that we can’t control in life. Time and love would be two of them. Throughout the music video, I can control both. Also, the choreo represents the tension and the energy. At the end, we chose each other. We’re happy to return to the afterlife together, having conquered time and found love. 

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang opted not to rap on this new hit single “100 Ways”, he wanted to release new energy and new flavor that the audience can listen to. He wants to be more like himself.

When I release something with the group, it’s a rainbow. It contains a lot of different colors, different elements, different sounds, different ideas. But when I release something by myself, you just get me. You get Jackson Wang. It’s my true color. With the group, it’s one seventh of myself. It’s still my color, but I’m one seventh of that color. Full myself, you get 100 percent me.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang wants his name to be synonymous with unique. He promises fans that what they are about to hear and see in his music videos is something on the next level- that no one is doing them yet!

Jackson Wang’s Entry in the West

Entering the West is not such an easy task, it requires commitment. His journey in entering the United States involved him starting in a crowded one-bedroom apartment in the States. He touched down in Los Angeles to promote what would be a different version of himself, a flashy soloist who specialized in trap-accented pop, as published by Forbes.

Team Wang is very busy working on his music stuff, releasing singles, EP, and now physical albums as he hopes his music and style will be embraced in the West.

“If you’re rich, and you have fame and money, you can get any ghostwriter,” he said. “You can get the best producer in the world. You can get the best director in the world. I have the chance to do that. But why I choose not to is because what am I gonna do if I lose that popularity? What am I gonna do if I lose everything? So I have to be strong by myself.”

Jackson Wang, ( Forbes.com )

While he is honored to be known as a Korean music icon, and he respects the genre as an amalgation of different types of music blended into one. Jackson Wang is on the path of creating something new, he wants to be 100% himself.

He said. “My style is, if I’m doing pop, it’s 100% pop. You won’t find anything else in it. If it’s a slow song, it’s a slow song.”

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