BLACKPINK Comeback Teaser Poster Breaks the Internet

BLACKPINK is finally making a huge comeback after one year and two months of not releasing new music. To further excite their legions of fans the official Instagram account of BLACKPINK released a teaser poster showing Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose with different hairstyles and colors.

BLACKPINK will release their first studio album in September 2020, with more than 10 songs in it. The first single will be released on June 26.

The new poster of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose are depicting new hairstyles and scenes that show as though they are coming from outer space or some futuristic parallel universe. Jisoo flaunts her black hair, Jennie goes blonde, Lisa is sporting red hair while Rose has purple hair.

BLACKPINK last collaborated with Lady Gaga in the latter’s track Sour Candy from her album Chromatica. The song released on May 29. Individually, BLACKPINK’s strategy is to release two singles before album launch in September.

BLACKPINK’s enormous fandom was delighted to have them back again. To see expressive hair colors and trendy styles. It’s been a while since BLACKPINK members dyed their hair, it was a truly exciting surprise for those who truly love the group.

While dropping a teaser for an upcoming reality show, BLACKPINK members teased BLINKS that they will have a June comeback. Rose was quoted saying that their comeback reminds her of a cat, while Jennie thought of KingKong. Jisoo ended with a note ” if our music has been powerful and strong till now, our next song will focus more on a hip-hop aura with swag,”

BLACKPINK Season is already here, a much needed distraction.

The quartet was also able to hit the Billboard Hot 100 this June together with the Lady Gaga collaboration for the song ” Sour Candy” from the new album Chromatica. The song debuted at No.33.

BLINKS are still expecting an official ” Sour Candy” music video, most of the BLACKPINK singles have immensely successful music videos like ” Kill this Love” and “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.

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