CL of 2Ne1 Makes a Strong Comeback with +REWIND170205+” & “+DONE161201+”

Queen CL as fans would call her is back this 2019 with an explosive announcement that brought tears to her loving fans. CL rocked the K-pop world with her most awaited comeback.

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YG Entertainment confirmed in November 2019 that the Korean artist CL has formally decided to part ways with the agency. CL and YG Entertainment came to an agreement to end the exclusive contract.

CL who was born as Lee Chae-rin, first debuted in 2009 as the leader and main rapper of the girl group 2Ne1, with members Sandara Park, Gong Minzy, and Park Bom.

They achieved international stardom and successfully released singles that include ” I Am The Best”, ” Crush”, ” Fire”, ” Crush”, and “Come Back Home”. CL is tagged as the Most Influential Korean Female singer, and her live performances together with her group 2Ne1 remain on top. CL is without a doubt the most dedicated and most original female lead singer for a Korean girl group.

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CL had many noteworthy performances and was known for her fierce image. Her 2016 English Single in 2016 ” Lifted” makes her the first female Korean solo artist to be able to chart in the Billboard Hot 100.

Her latest music video for ” Done” features her former 2NE1 group mates Park Bom, Minzy, Sandara Park as well as high profile Korean icon Big Bang Taeyang. Not only that to prove the immense power of the comeback her music video also featured Wonder Girls Sohee, Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, Lee Hi, and comedian Kim Young-chul, rapper One, Uhm Jung-hwa and Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas, as a series of montage making this one of the most powerful and influential comebacks in the K-pop music.

It took CL nearly 3 years to release this masterpiece. Her new songs Done and Rewind are described by music critics as deep, her new music is showing the real her. Fans are able to feel and connect with the artist and depict her individuality as an artist.

The music video for “Rewind,” on the other hand, features a collection of CL’s photos with her friends like her 2NE1 co-members and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. The video she released was filled with the people who loved her and supported her during the toughest of times.

CL opened about her decision to leave YG Entertainment and pursue a solo career:

“I started running even before I learned to walk, so without knowing how to walk or how to rest, I achieved a lot of things, realized a lot of things, and learned a lot of things in the past 13 years. I was happy to be able to live as CL, who could share myself with all of you, and I was also able to heal myself with the love that you all gave me.” 

“Like the 13-year-old Chaelin [CL’s given name], just like my grandmother always told me, bravely and confidently. Without waiting for someone else to choose me, I will return to being CL and move forward on my own, one step at a time. At the thought of being able to share my experiences, memories, and feelings together [with you], my heart is excited and aflutter for the first time in a long while. For all the CLs of this world.” 

“In the name of love, CL.” 

Her new music is heartfelt, and fans loved the fact that CL was able to prove that disbandment isn’t the end of sisterhood. The song is ushering a new page, a starting over.

After being in the dark, and experiencing a lot of pressure that came along with becoming a K-pop icon she was able to decide to persevere and start a new chapter, to start anew earning the joy and respect of fans globally.

Congratulations Queen CL!

Listen to her 2 Newly released songs!

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