Despite harsh criticisms in South Korea, Lee Min Ho’s The King: Eternal Monarch remains Trending on Netflix Philippines

Thanks to the outpour of support from Filipino fans, The King: Eternal Monarch starring Lee Min Ho remains on top of Netflix trending. Despite the harsh criticisms received in South Korea, the popularity of the show in neighboring countries like the Philippines continue to do well. It seems that Filipino fans are determined to put Lee Min Ho on top no matter what.

The first two episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch received 10.1% and 11.4% ratings which are a record high, but soon experienced a massive drop to 7.7% on the 4th episode in South Korea and China.

The show is heavily criticized by netizens for using Japanese inspired architecture during the opening credits. It also doesn’t have a popular OST that people can identify with, and the chemistry between the two leading actors is lacking. In its second week, the new Korean drama by Lee Min Ho is slowly losing its audience in South Korea, but thanks to international fame and loyal fans of Lee Min Ho, the show remains strong and trending on Netflix Philippines.

Many Filipino fans are clear on loving the show and were quick to point out that the story is interesting. The cinematography was also on point, the new drama is visually appealing. It was very easy on the eyes, very creative. Unfortunately, critics in South Korea believe that the story is predictable and there is nothing new, they want something more. A lot of Filipino fans miss seeing Lee Min Ho so much, that they would gladly take any new drama project where he is in.

And it is also noted, that Lee Min Ho, hasn’t aged a day and still delivers some of the most stunning visuals. There is without a doubt a special connection between Lee Min Ho and Filipino fans.

Lee Min Ho also gave a very special message for his Filipino fans together with the whole cast of The King: Eternal Monarch. Due to the immense support that the show is receiving, Netflix PH made an effort to post a video of the main cast talking to their Filipino fans.

The King: Eternal Monarch remains a consistent part of Netflix PH Top 10 Most Watched in the Philippines.

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  1. Lee Min Ho proved again his calibre in acting as King Lee Gon. The dialogue delivery was excellent. He looks stunning in every attire. He is legendary. He is a fine actor. All in the cast play their part perfectly. From the script, screenplay, performances, direction, everything is brilliant & powerful. Kudos to writer Kim Eun Sook, Director Baek Sang-hoon & the Cast . A must watch. Five stars for this drama series.
    #TheKingEternalMonarch #KingLeeGon #LeeMinHo

  2. We will always be with you idol Leeminhoo❤️😍can’t wait for the next episode: The King eternal monarch ..we love you here in the Philippines,

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