IU and Park Seo Jun had a nice meal together after script reading of “Dream”

South Korean actress and singer IU expressed her excitement about her upcoming project alongside Park Seo Jun. In an episode of KBS Cool FM’s radio show ” Music Plaza”, IU made a guest appearance and talked about the film debut of “ Dream”. IU said that she is expecting that Dream will be a big-screen debut. The shooting will start in May and that she already met up with everyone involved in the film making process including Park Seo Jun.

IU and Park Seo Jun already read the script together and had a nice meal afterward. She later expressed that the event was a very happy one, it was so much fun. The actress stated, ” The story of the film itself is as fun as the vibe of the team. I feel like we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves while shooting the film.

IU loves the character that she is about to play and is already mentally preparing for it. She told the media that the character is very lovely and the type of character whom she can be friends in real life. IU will play a warm and sweet character.

The new drama Dream tells the story of a group of people trying out for the Homeless World Cup, a yearly international soccer event. The team is led by coach Yoon Hong Dao which will be played by Park Seo Joon who is a famous soccer player on disciplinary probation after being caught in an unexpected incident.

IU, on the other hand, plays the role of PD Lee So-Min who works in a broadcasting station, she is currently working on a documentary about a special national soccer team. The drama will be a mix of comedy and heartfelt human stories.

KBS Cool FM Music Plaza, ‘dlwlrma’

Meanwhile, actor Park Seo Joon is setting an example on how to handle Covid19 and how to self isolate during the time of the pandemic. The impact of Korean stars when it comes to influencing people including how to isolate during tough times is something that no one can discredit. Using Park Seo Joon’s influence he posts of his journey while in self-isolation on his personal Instagram account.

After the Itaewon Class ended, he already shared an image of him in a black knit beanie, sitting at a table outside and relaxing under the shade of the sun. He put in the caption ” Social distancing even though the weather is good”, and added a praying hands emoji.

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아니 이제 일주일??

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Due to the nature of their work, they have to be extra careful. They need to practice as much social distancing as they can. The higher the discipline, the better the results. So, everyone can go back to work as quickly as possible.


Both Park Seo Jun and IU are two of the most widely successful Korean stars in the world. Their upcoming movie is a second project that they would star in together. The first project they did involve a commercial for a popular drink in South Korea.

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