Lee Min Ho back with a vengeance with The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Min Ho grew up in the public eye and now he is already in his 30’s and ready to take his career to the next level.

After nearly 3 years of hiatus, Lee Min Ho is now back with a vengeance with ” The King: Eternal Monarch’. After the release last April 17, 2020, the new Korean drama series hit all-time high TV ratings, and one of the most-watched K-drama premiere in the world.

According to Nielsen Korea, the premiere of the new K-drama series of Lee Min Ho was able to hit an average viewership rating of 11.4% and 12.9% for episodes 1 and 2, making it the highest ever viewership ratings recorded for a weekend evening drama series, proving yet again that he is still one of the best and highly bankable stars in Asia.

The scenes for the film were shot in February, and both actors were energetic and happy to be working on the set. There is good and positive chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun creating perfect scenes and effective lines. Both were so good, it is said that the staff watching the entire scene unfold cannot help but laugh and enjoy seeing two professional actors bringing their good chemistry on screen.

During a press release event, Lee Min Ho shared this thought upon returning on this screen project.

Lee Min Ho said, ” I took a break for about 3 years, and it was a time for me to look back on myself a little. I’ve come to a point where I need to paint an image of myself as an actor in his thirties- a different image from me in my twenties. I thought that this is also an important time to show growth.”

He continued, “I spent a lot of time monitoring my past work, also studying other good production, and overall thinking a lot about my future direction. When I finally stepped into the filming set after all of those worries and thoughts, it was not a strange place. It was a familiar place. I thought, ‘This is where I belong’.” 


He continued to express that he finally found himself and feels kinder to his human self as ” Lee Min Ho”. As he expressed, ‘ I think I’ve found leniency to look at things whether it’s work, people, or whatever, to focus on the most important aspects.”

Lee Min Ho also told the press that he was very happy to be working with Kim Go Eun. He described her as an actress with many charms, and someone who is well respected in the acting community. Kim Go Eun is like an older sister at times, but she can also be Lee Min Ho’s younger sister.

I knew that I always wanted to have the chance to work with her on-screen because I saw her play out many different characters in various works in the past so I was very happy to work with her and onset she really has a variety of charms. Sometimes she will be like an older sister to me but sometimes she can be my younger sister.

Lee Min Ho personally admires Kim Go Eun for her attitude and work mindset. She is someone easy to work with and highly professional which makes the shooting of the scenes easy.

The South Korean actor took a lot of time reviewing many scripts in the past three years. He didn’t select his new role randomly, he took the time to study, and The King: Eternal Monarch stood out among the various scripts, making him decide to finally shoot and end his hiatus.

Lee Min Ho was personally drawn to the character that he was about to play, he described the Monarch with so much great power within. He wanted to play a role with such energy, quality, and vibrance.

The King: The Eternal Monarch is far from average, a lot of cinematic work and thought the process was put into it. It is a fairytale drama that will last for a lifetime.

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