Cheongdam-dong Luxury Street in Korea where Lee Min Ho lives

Gangnam’s Mark Hills remains one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world. It is so exclusive, that some of the biggest and most successful South Korean stars live here. Mark Hill is situated in the neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong Southern Seoul, and one unit is usually sold for $6.27 Million US dollars.

Only people in the top 1 percent in terms of wealth are able to live in Mark Hills. Lee Min Ho, retired figure skater Kim Yuna, Hyun Bin, and high profile business leaders and politicians are the only ones who can afford the units.

The complex has two buildings, and each apartment has a floor space of 193 square meters (2,077 square feet) and comes with a private garden. The nation’s most expensive apartments were constructed by Mega Mark, the building subsidiary of Orion Group.

Mark Hills is well-loved due to the impressive panoramic view of Seoul’s skyline. The units have a huge master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The building is closely guarded, with heavy security. The area where Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin lives has 21 floors in it, but there are only 2 units per floor, so the rich and the famous can truly enjoy their privacy.

Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin live in one of the most luxurious neighborhood in the world.

Aside from Mark Hills in Seoul, there is another celebrity favorite property named Seoul Forest Galleria Foret located in the Seongdong district. This luxurious property has 45-story buildings and is overlooking the Han River, Lotte Tower, and the Namsan Tower.

South Korean stars like 4G-Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun are said to have purchased units here worth 4.02 billion won. G-Dragon once lived in this neighborhood with an estimated 3.3billion won unit. But the BIG BANG member somehow got tired of living in the area and moved to a penthouse worth 10.4million dollars.

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