Twice More & More Climbs on top of Billboard Charts and YouTube trending

TWICE is finally making waves in the international scene, they first started out in reality audition program Sixteen on Mnet back in 2015, and they slowly climbed their way to the top.

TWICE girls started out as insecure and scared with what the future holds for them. They had to practice, dance, and sing for a number of hours even after midnight. All of them had to undergo major training and had to overcome their personality struggles and issue with confidence building. After several years of intensive training, they have finally blossomed into the powerhouse that they are today.

The founder of JYP once said in an interview that the main idea of forming twice is about creating healthiness. A story about a group’s journey on how they became strong and successful over the years. TWICE members underwent character development as part of the trainee curriculum.

“What would it be like to show kids who have healthy, beautiful minds? What would it be like to share with the public, through music and other contents, how they are growing up diligently and uprightly?” Park said in the YouTube documentary.

TWICE underwent brutally competitive creation story on reality TV, before they were ready to be branded as a group of immensely talented singers and dancers. The song MORE & MORE is a current reflection of the level and mastery where they are in. The Song More & More became #1 on the YouTube trending music videos in June of 2020 and it continues to climb on the charts. MORE & MORE by Twice conveys an image of a healthy and happy image through music.

TWICE is staying true to its branding that focuses on fun, bubbly, and happy. The girls are often seen in shiny, colorful outfits accompanied with bright smiles while dancing to fun and hip music. Their songs are oozing with bright energy, which frankly is what the world needs right now.

TWICE is all about youthful energy and showing people they can be confident. MORE & MORE is a song about winning a person’s heart according to TWICE Nayeon.

The dancing and the powerful movements as well as the animated movements seek to bring a vibrant feeling. But at the same time, it still conveys the power of an individual, that if you have focus and you know yourself, you can create a life that is suited to you.

Others will see your progress and the positive changes happening in your own life.

There is a line in the song ‘ cause I deserve it”, is about empowerment.

The song More & More is also made with amazingly talented artists and composers from Grammy nominee MNEK, Zara Larsson a Swedish songwriter, Justin Tranter, and Julia Michaels who also worked on some of the hit songs of Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.

Park Jin-young also mentored and collaborated with TWICE according to Tzuyu. The title track is rhythmic, and highly addictive.

TWICE was able to debut on the Billboard 200 and on June 8 it was announced that TWICE’s mini-album ” MORE & MORE has entered the billboard at No. 200. This is the first time they were able to enter the chart and enter the most listened to songs in the United States

Debuts on this week’s #Billboard200 (1/2):

#1, @ladygaga Chromatica
#2, @jimmybuffett Life On The Flip Side
#8, @Anuel_2bleA Emmanuel
#10, @runjewels RTJ4
#14, @lilyachty Lil Boat 3
#15, @FreddieGibbs & @Alchemist Alfredo
#18, @KygoMusic Golden HourBillboard Charts✔@billboardcharts

TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” was officially released on June 1 and features their title track of the same name, which became an instant hit in Korea. They were also able to achieve more than 300,000 copies for the first week of sales. According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, ” MORE & MORE” sold a total of 332, 416 copies from June 2 until June 8 of 2020.

Congratulations TWICE from Popculture.Asia!

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